Toyota Tundra ARB Twin Compressor Mount

The XFAKTR compressor mount kit is the best way to install an ARB Twin compressor under the hood of your 2007-2017 Tundra! The kit is designed as a direct bolt on mount with only few minor modifications needed to get compressed air under your hood and on tap, ready when you need it. Some of the kit features include:

• Designed for use with ARB CKMTA12/ CKMTA24 Twin Air Compressor and ARB Air Compressor Manifold Kit
• CAD drawn, CNC-cut and formed, 304 stainless steel, mill finish
• Dedicated ARB manifold mounting location
• Incorporated windshield washer fluid reservoir mounting points
• Incorporated power steering fluid reservoir mounting points
• Power steering fluid reservoir relocation bracket included
• Retains easy access to both reservoirs
• Reuses OEM power steering bracket vibration isolator bushings
• All necessary high quality zinc plated hardware included
• ARB Compressor and accessories are not included

Install Instructions
Install Toyota Tundra ARB Twin Mount

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*Things to consider when installing this kit: 

  1. The windshield washer fluid reservoir will need to be repositioned towards headlight. New lower mounting points for the reservoir are incorporated into the base of the mount.  A new top mounting hole will need to be drilled into the reservoir’s plastic mounting tab.
  2. The power steering fluid reservoir must be repositioned towards the radiator. A custom mounting bracket is included.  No modifications to the hoses are necessary.
  3. An ARB manifold (or aftermarket equivalent) must be used with this kit. A quick disconnect coupling cannot be attached directly to the outlet port on the compressor due to insufficient clearance.
  4. For supercharged applications, the coolant overflow tank and associated hoses must be relocated if it was installed in the same position that the XFaktr mount uses.

Toyota Tundra Odyssey Dual Battery Mount Kit

Need to install a dual battery system in your Tundra to power all your accessories? The XFAKTR dual battery mount kit allows for the installation of dual, side-by-side Odyssey PC 1500 series batteries in the stock location under the hood of your 2007-2018 Tundra! This results in a very clean and simple installation of your dual battery system with very short wire runs. Some of the kit features include:

• 100% BOLT-ON!
• Mounts two Odyssey PC 1500 batteries in the stock battery location
• Professionally engineered, CAD drawn, and CNC-cut and formed
• Overkill 3/16” 304 stainless steel for extra rigidity and corrosion resistance
• Kit includes top plate, base, hook bracket, and all necessary hardware for installation
• Batteries not included

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Install Instructions
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